Healthy Snack Ideas For The Road!

This weekend I’m going to Ohio with two of my clients and good friends to compete in the first TFT Games event!

We’re on a 6.5 hour road trip so we gotta have our snacks handy!

What are some things I like to bring to make sure I stay satiated, energized and not end up buying junk at the Burger King stop?


Fruits – green apples are less sweet and low in GI meaning it’s sugars don’t enter your blood stream as fast as say a pink lady Apple (which are absolutely delicious don’t get me wrong). Low GI foods help regular blood sugar, maintain energy so you avoid that high and immediate drop in energy, and manage cravings. I have symptoms of hypoglycaemia, which means I get HANGRY and light headed if I don’t eat for long, or shortly after eating, I crash and get hungry again. Ripe bananas are higher in GI and gives you a faster energy boost, perfect for our active weekend ahead!

Homemade trail mix – organic almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds and goji berries. Almonds and seeds are packed with fibre, protein and essential fatty acids which are good for hair, skin, nails, brain, and will help absorb fat soluable vitamins A D E K. Raisins contain iron and potassium and they can also satisfy that sweet tooth! Goji berries contain antioxidants, cancer fighting properties, and support the liver. All these things will keep you fuller longer but not bloated or heavy!

Dark chocolate – packed with magnesium, iron and antioxidants, it helps lower the risk of heart disease and satisfies cravings.

Popcorn – I have a sodium weakness and I love popcorn, so I either make my own or grab a bag that is organic and/or containing non GMO oils and sea salt ingredients. Popcorn is an awesome light snack and is packed with fibre 💩

The oats and green tea are for our stay over the weekend

And two brands that I highly support and am in partnership/an ambassador for:

Simply protein protein chips: portioned perfectly in tiny bags that are more than enough to satisfy your chip cravings, low in sugar, high in protein and all natural, vegan and GF, which means your digestive system will thank you for it.

My absolute favourite and something I’m very excited to be a part of because this just launched in September: CanPrev CORE vegan protein powder.

Whether you’re an athlete who needs to be at peak performance, or a professional jet setter who is always on the go, getting shit done but still care about what you eat and how you live, or even someone who is ready to retire (BUT NOT FROM LIFE!), I truly believe that CORE is for everyone. 2 scoops contain only 130 cal and are packed with 18 grams of easily digested protein, alkalizing leafy greens and antioxidant super fruits, equivalent to 8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, cinnamon for balanced blood sugar, CoQ10 for the heart and energy, and 28 vitamins and minerals at dosages that naturopathic doctors recommend.

Vegan, gluten free and no artificial sweeteners. So no bloat, protein farts or constipation! 💩😛

I packed these with us when we did the West Coast Trail and we felt better about hiking the 75km knowing that our packs contained something so nutrient dense and that it could be so easily incorporated into our daily routine – living in the wilderness for 6 days!

I add the powder to my oatmeal and smoothies.

As I said, it just launched so stay tuned for more details on how you can get some!

Have a great weekend!


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